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Portfolios Greater Than $100,000

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Why Magnum Financial?
I Get It

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No one wants to be sold. Magnum Financial is an independent Registered Investment Advisor. There are no quotas, no monthly goals, no requirements set by a corporate giant located miles away. Our recommendations are determined solely by what’s best for our clients. Period.


I design and implement proven innovative investment strategies that fit each clients long term goals and risk tolerance.

No Hard Sale

Magnum Financial does not receive compensation by buying or selling specific securities. Our Fee-Only model eliminates most conflicts of interest associated with our recommendations.


I review and revitalize under-performing portfolios to provide peace of mind for investors and retirees alike.

Time Tested

Steve's been around the block a few times. He brings years of experience to each client interaction.

Committed To You

Imagine your money invested in harmony with your values, with an innovative portfolio built to support you.  You deserve to enjoy your retirement and you deserve to work with a company committed to your success.