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Retirement & Income Planning

I help individuals and families plan for and manage their retirement income needs. Together we design efficient income strategies and then work to implement and monitor those strategies for long term success.


Reducing taxes is not a crime and by making conscious tax based decisions we can optimize your plan. Tax efficient planning, including tax mitigation, when done well will help ensure your assets last longer.


Retirement Income Planning is an all inclusive category that organizes every facet of your financial life, creating a long term plan for investment and spending. It's goal is to quantify your retirement lifestyle. We review you budget, plan for unexpected expenses, review healthcare options, manage longevity,  consider inflation, reduce taxes, incorporate social security, account for pensions, and consider income producing real estate ultimately creating an investment and spending plan designed so you may never outlive your money.


I work with those nearing retirement and those in retirement. Whether your a small business owner, a carpenter or a teacher. Everyone is on a similar path.



Stephen Bossio is the founder and President of Magnum Financial LLC a full service financial planning and investment company serving retirees and pre-retirees. I generally work with clients with between $100,000 and $2,000,000 in investable assets.

I've been a professional Financial Consultant since 2001 and an independent Registered Investment Advisor since 2010. I believe in a positive mindset, that this work is about helping people first and foremost and that client success is the best measure of my advice. I am collaborative, some would say talk too much, but finance is complex and sometimes I need to spend a little time to ensure my clients understand. I also listen, deeply, as this is always about you and your needs.

When you work with me you can expect a collaborative relationship, built on open and transparent communication, where we explore your unique situation in order to better design your financial plan.



"Working with Steve has been a wonderful experience, even life saving. I've depended on him for everything from budgets to taxes to investments and he's helped me understand each along the way and how it's all interconnected. As I approach retirement, I'm glad to know he's on my team."

Professional Photographer

S. Smith, Sonoma CA

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