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Retirement Income Strategies

Whether you're receiving a pension, own income producing real estate or are living off an investment portfolio, today's retirement is different. With many of us living 25 or 30 years in retirement our assets have to work harder than ever and we need to be smarter than ever. Magnum Financial assists clients in the  development of a plan that meets your long term retirement goals with a high probability of success. Plan today and enjoy success tomorrow.

Growth Strategies and Portfolio Optimization

Investing is a trade-off between risk and reward. Generally, the more risk one is willing to assume the greater the reward. But today's financial markets are complex and often times investors are unaware of the risks within their portfolios and are seldom compensated for the risks they assume. Magnum Financial offers investment strategies designed to minimize risk, maximize return and compensate investors for the risks they assume.

Tax Efficient Planning

Different investments will have varying impact on your growth and income due to tax consequences. Taxes cannot be ignored as they can be a substantial drain on your income. Magnum Financial will review your situation and create a tax efficient investment strategy designed so you can keep as much of your income as possible.

Consultation Services

Sometimes you just need a little guidance. An answer to a few questions can make all the difference. Magnum Financial is available to answer any of your questions. If I believe you'll be better served through a  broader conversation I'll let you know. Magnum Financial will answer any question without charge and without  pressure: simply click here.

Send your question using the form. I promise I won't call you to sell you anything.

Those that wish to have a more in depth chat or require more I offer my services on a hourly basis as well.

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