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What do my services cost? Great question.

Magnum Financial provides a flexible 'a-la-cart fee structure so that you can choose how to engage my services in a way that best meets your needs.

Investment Management

Study after study has shown that working with an advisor greatly improves investors success. Managing fees is important and useful when properly done. I like to think of the value a fee provides rather than focus on a number. I too believe in reducing fees and offer a sliding scale that reduces the fees as the your account balance grows. I custody with platforms that have reduced or eliminated trading cost while providing the technology important to my clients.


I offer a number of options for managing client assets and each has it's own fee structure. I don't earn commissions on trades, stock transactions or account fees. I charge a fee based on the amount of assets under my management. The annual fees ranges are from a high of 1.5% to a low of .2% depending on the investment strategy chosen and the value of the account.

For example, a client with $250,000 invested in one of my model portfolio strategies will incur annual fees of .94% or $2,350 per year. That same client with a balance of $500,000 would pay and annual fee of .87%.

My fee structure and additional information is available here. Form ADV Part 2.

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Financial Planning

Financial Planning when delivered independent of any other work is charged on a per project basis. The minimum fee is $750 with a maximum of $5,000 for more complex situations. Let's discuss your needs.

For those who want to be more 'hands on' I also offer online planning boot-camps where we create a plan together in a two day virtual classroom setting. Cost for this is $599 and includes a copy of my proprietary financial planning software.

You can take charge of your financial future and our boot-camps are designed to help.

Tax Planning & General Financial Cosulting

Sometimes all a person needs is a little direction. An answer to a specific question or someone to bounce ideas off. I'm happy to assist people on their own path and do so on a hourly basis.

My hourly fee is $250 and can be booked in 1/2 hour increments.

Topics can include but are not limited to:





Portfolio Review

Social Security

The time is yours so book a call and be prepared to make the most of our time together .

Life, Health and Annuities

I am licensed to sell personal lines of insurance in the state of CA. License #0D44362.


Life Insurance

Health Insurance for Individuals and Small Groups


I am compensated by the insurance companies on a commission basis. If the planning determines there is a need for any of the above, I will make recommendations but you are not obligated in any way to purchase the coverage through me.

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