Planning Improves Outcomes

" Our Five Step Process helps to provide a clear assessment of the work to be done, and our annual follow-up helps ensure our clients stay on track. Our clients' futures are too important to settle for generic cookie cutter advice, therefore at Magnum Financial we use sophisticated planning software to produce the most accurate picture of our clients' future financial affairs."

Five Step Process Includes:

60 Day Follow-UP
Progress Meetings
Examples Of What We Explore

Throughout the process it's my job to:

  • listen

  • ask appropriate questions

  • engage you in the process

  • provide feedback to ensure understanding

  • clarify your needs and goals

  • project complex financial data accurately into the future

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How different income streams can help or pose a challenge to your retirement planning.

How risk and reward affect your investments and their ability to meet long term goals.

How financial instruments that sound "too good to be true", often are.

How control and flexibility can help when navigating financial storms.

How all decisions, including doing nothing, have opportunity costs and how they affect your financial future.

How the best path is sometimes the least obvious.
How working holistically can prove beneficial.
How and where efficiencies can be found and put to work in support of your goals.
Why a disciplined approach is necessary, and an emotional approach is often counter-productive.
Why conventional wisdom isn't necessarily the best advice.